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Author: OSA

Note: Original game is web based,this game is only ported to mobile so players can have full mobile experience with fullscreen mode and zero lag!

About game:

-Brofist.io Mobile MMO platformer game where you can play in three modes,two player adventure,hide and seek and sandbox mode!

You can play tones of user made levels and with customizable, also user made skins! But that's not all,you can also create your own unique levels,and skins.Submit them and moderators will pick 10-20 best maps and skins,updates are being pushed every friday! So you will never get bored,new maps,new skins every friday!

Two Player Adventure Mode:

-Team up together to get to the exit gate. In this unique co-op game, players help each other to go through challenging adventures. There are lots of continuously growing levels and with the support of the awesome community, we never run out of new levels.

Hide and Seek Mode:

-Either become a seeker and try to tag all hiders or become a hider and try to avoid seekers until the time run out.

Sandbox Mode:

-A mode not bound to any rule. Chat, make new friends and explore the world.

Warning: Duplicating or reuploading this game is not allowed,if we notice any duplicated content on itch.io or any other website,content will be reported and removed.

Game Author: OSA
Uploader and creator of ported mobile version: Cohex17

All rights reserved.

For more info feel free to write us at: feedback.brofist@gmail.com
And also please check our privacy policy: http://brofist.io/privacy.html

Install instructions

Simply open .APK file and install it on your android device.


Brofist.io Mobile_1_1.0.apk 102 kB

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